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kmelion in section_support

Greetings from the newbie

Well, I haven't had my c-section yet. I'll know on Sunday if it will be on Monday or Wednesday. Right now I'm 38 weeks and the baby is frank breech and the only way I can get a vaginal delivery is if I go to a private doctor.

Which we can't afford.

So it looks like a c-section. I'm not happy with the descision, but I'm becoming ok with it, resigned to it and for the life of me, I cannot understand why it depresses the hell out of me.

At 37 weeks we attempted an ECV, which obviously failed and since there's only a 10% chance a second version would work, after discussing things with my OB, we opted for a scheduled c-section... which in Israel is considered 'elective'. Regardless of why the woman needs the section or how far along she is.

The trials and tribulations of trying to get the c-section can be read here.

The 'crap' I mention at the beginning of the post is in reference to the version.

With the descision made, I emailed the various family members and called my mom... then got into the shower and sobbed uncontrolably for 15 minutes. As I said... I don't know why this is upsetting me so much.

I'm 35 years old, married 3 years this August the second time around to a great guy. Went through a bit over a year of fertility treatments (I have PCOS) and we're finally going to have our miracle to hold... and I'm crying because it's a c-section. It shouldn't matter how he is born... all that matters is he be healthy...

Man, I hate hormones...


first of all, that's a REALLY cute icon. secondly, a LOT of people consider a csection to be elective - no matter if it was choice or emergency. there are women who have perfectly fine babies and still opt for the csection. and others who wish for the vaginal delivery and end up being told they have to for whatever reason, have a csection.

for me, i was the emergency csection. i was only told i was having one about two seconds before they shoved paperwork in my face. however, it meant the difference between letting my baby live or die. i also couldn't dialate or be induced and with all the messing around we did trying to get me to, my baby ended up with the cord completely around her neck to the point she was no longer responding to my contractions. she was literally dying inside me and the only thing we could do was get me to the surgery room ASAP to save her. i'll never forget the words before the doctor left the room. he said "you were at the right place at the right time. that was a close one."

reguardless of how our babies get here, we do what we can and what we feel is best for them. sometimes we have a choice, sometimes we don't. we go through some greif when it doesn't go the way we planned. pregnancy is kind of like marriage. you grow up planning it perfectly in your head. when the slightest thing goes against what you had dreamed, it can throw your whole world out of whack. in the end, most of us still get the result we wanted - a baby in our arms.

keep in mind, if you have any trouble after your surgery, you can come here and ask questions. many of us have gone through different experiences and i'm sure someone here could relate. as for me, i'm due again in late november and still don't really get a choice even if this baby turns out completely smooth going and easy with no trouble. there aren't any doctors on our insurance plan who will do a VBAC. the good news is that with all that may have gone wrong the first time around, i'm a lot better prepared and know the things to expect - whereas the first time i hadn't a clue and had no time to research anything.

we're here for ya.
It's a boy...girl...surprise! <3

July 2008

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