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heels_on in section_support

Hello, and welcome to section_support!

Note: I've made my two entries public so that anyone who stumbles upon the community can read what I've written. If this community ever gets any members, I'll lock my entries accordingly at some point. :-) Thanks!

Let's clear the air first, okay?

I personally support:

* vaginal, VBAC, and c-section births
* natural and medicated labors and deliveries
* homebirths, hospital births, and birthing center births
* breastfeeding and formula feeding
* crib and co-sleeping
* cloth and disposable diapering
* exclusively organic, homemade, and "regular, store-bought food" feeding
* choosing to vaccinate or choosing not to vaccinate

And so on, and so on...you get the idea, no? :-)

It's not about choices that make someone a "good" or "bad" mother--it's about following your heart and caring for your baby to the best of your ability. I've found a lot of negativity in some (not all) parenting/pregnancy communities. That's not what I believe, or what I'm about, and I DO NOT want that sort of junk in this community. I can support you and your choices, even if they're not MY personal choices. The long and short of it? Due to size and positioning, it was medically suggested that I schedule a c-section to deliver my son. After researching the subject, I scheduled the section. On May 1, 2006 at 4:10 PM, my son was born via c-section--healthy and vibrant. I had a speedy recovery and an overall excellent birth experience. I am not ashamed my son came into the world via c-section, but at the same token, I wouldn't have chosen an elective c-section (but that's just me). He's my miracle, my everyday sunshine--and how he arrived matters less to me than the fact that he's actually here. <3

I will post my birth story today or tomorrow, and I hope that if you find this community in some way beneficial. I was terrified of having a c-section since I was able to find so few positive accounts. I hope that this community is one step closer to changing the notion that most section births are terrible experiences. As I said before, it doesn't matter to me whether my son arrived in a hospital via c-section, in our home, in the backseat of a taxi, or in a rainforest--all that matters is he's here, wonderful, and all mine. :-)


It&#39;s a boy...girl...surprise! &lt;3

July 2008

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