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kmelion in section_support

Greetings from the newbie

Well, I haven't had my c-section yet. I'll know on Sunday if it will be on Monday or Wednesday. Right now I'm 38 weeks and the baby is frank breech and the only way I can get a vaginal delivery is if I go to a private doctor.

Which we can't afford.

So it looks like a c-section. I'm not happy with the descision, but I'm becoming ok with it, resigned to it and for the life of me, I cannot understand why it depresses the hell out of me.

At 37 weeks we attempted an ECV, which obviously failed and since there's only a 10% chance a second version would work, after discussing things with my OB, we opted for a scheduled c-section... which in Israel is considered 'elective'. Regardless of why the woman needs the section or how far along she is.

The trials and tribulations of trying to get the c-section can be read here.

The 'crap' I mention at the beginning of the post is in reference to the version.

With the descision made, I emailed the various family members and called my mom... then got into the shower and sobbed uncontrolably for 15 minutes. As I said... I don't know why this is upsetting me so much.

I'm 35 years old, married 3 years this August the second time around to a great guy. Went through a bit over a year of fertility treatments (I have PCOS) and we're finally going to have our miracle to hold... and I'm crying because it's a c-section. It shouldn't matter how he is born... all that matters is he be healthy...

Man, I hate hormones...


Hello. I had my first baby via c-section on January 2nd. She was almost two weeks overdue because I wouldn't submit to a section any earlier than that. I never started labor, an induction wouldn't work and by the time i was okay with the section she was 9lb3oz. It took me that two weeks to be okay with it. I was admitted once to be induced and I checked myself out because I just knew that it would turn into a section. I cried for days. I cried all the time. I wanted my planned perfect birth for my baby girl Amara. It didn't turn out that way. By the time i was brought in for a second induction I was okay with the decision, because it was mine. I didn't allow the hospital to pressure me into it. I wanted my baby to stay healthy and come out safe. My problems with the way Amara was born have more to do with our care afterwards. They took her right out of the room, never showing her to me. They gave her a bottle becauses she had "low blood sugar" Of course she did, I had been kept from eating for hours, and she was a big baby. That one bottle and not allowing me to put her to my breast I believe caused our lack of a breastfeeding relationship. That is my problem with the C-section I had. I am sorry for rambling on. I just wanted to offer support. To say that it really isn't always about the journey, but sometimes about just the greeting. But I also understand the feeling of having to have surgery when all you really want to do is birth your baby into the world. When you hold your baby everything will be better.
It's a boy...girl...surprise! <3

July 2008

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