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C-Section Support
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In April 2005, I found out I was going to need a c-section to deliver our first baby, my son. Curious and nervous, I hunted around online to find information regarding cesarean section births, what to expect, and recovery. 99.9% of the information I found alarmed and terrified me; for every one positive account, there were twenty negative ones. I went into the experience as a ball of nerves, and the result...

...it wasn't as nearly as bad as I had read. In fact, all things being considered equal, I had a great birth experience, and a speedy recovery.

I created this community to offer support to moms/moms-to-be who are scheduled for (or surprised with) a c-section and would like to read some positive accounts of c-sections/c-section births. I am not here to judge, and judgment/snarkiness of any sort is NOT allowed in the community at all. I'm not suggesting a c-section is better than a vaginal delivery, but I do want other women to know their fears are normal and acceptable, and not all c-sections are emotionally damaging with heinous recoveries. (That said, however, if you or someone you know is having difficulty coping with physical, psychological, or emotional distress post-section--or postpartum in general--please seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.) There are several communities that support women who had traumatic section experiences, and I support and applaud their efforts. It's very important to have a strong support system, through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

This community's membership--as well as the posts within--is moderated to protect the members. Feel free to post questions, share birth experiences, and so forth. Rude, offensive, or snarky comments/posts will NOT be posted, and the user will be banned from the community.

Congratulations on your upcoming arrivals, and all best for a healthy delivery--no matter what form it takes!

Your Mod, heels_on :-)